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"Here's the mistake we make: We're quiet when these interventions are happening", said Khanna, who has been an outspoken opponent of USA interference in Venezuela.

Cody Weddle is now at an airport and is headed for Miami, his mother told CNN. She says she hasn't spoken to him but has messaged him on Facebook.

"[I heard from him at] maybe about 6 or 7 yesterday evening and yesterday morning about 10", she said.

Venezuela broke off diplomatic ties with neighbouring Colombia after Maduro's security forces blocked a February 23 attempt by Guaido and allies to bring humanitarian aid into Venezuela from Colombia and Brazil.

Cody Weddle, 29, is a 2012 graduate from Virginia Tech and a 2008 graduate of Patrick Henry High School, originally from the Tri-Cities area.

Venezuelan journalist Alí Domínguez died in hospital when he vanished during work and turned up hours later with a head injury.

The Virginia-born journalist was held for about 12 hours by a counterintelligence military agency, reported Weddle's employer, WPLG Local News 10. Weddle's assistant, Carlos Camacho, was also taken into custody.

Weddle's apparent arrest came the same day as Maduro ordered the expulsion of Germany's ambassador after the envoy expressed support for Guaido, escalating a diplomatic standoff with a group of about 50 nations that recognize the opposition leader as Venezuela's interim president. "But his path forward remains uncertain".

In this June 2018 selfie provided by Sherry Weddle, her son and journalist Cody Weddle and herself pose for a photo during a vacation in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic.

Congressman Morgan Griffith (R-Salem) issued a statement on Weddle's detention on Wednesday. They were released and deported shortly afterwards, while their equipment - including the recordings of the curtailed interview - were kept by authorities. "He is an American Citizen and he is over there reporting".

Prior to Weddle's reported release, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Kimberly Breier said Maduro "prefers to stifle the truth rather than face it".

His latest report for WPLG was on self-declared interim president Juan Guaidó's return to Venezuela.

Politicians and members of the government had called for Weddle's release.

However, Weddle's situation may be similar to that of German freelance journalist Billy Six, who remains in a Venezuelan prison after being arrested last November on charges of espionage and rebellion.