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The orders become increasingly violent and risky, including instructions to threaten others and self-harm.

"As creepy as she looks, "Momo" isn't going to crawl out of your child's phone and kill them".

CBS News reported that officials in Argentina investigated the game after a 12-year-old died, but details of the case are spurious.

There have been reports of young people being contacted through WhatsApp by a user named "Momo", as well as scary clips being cut into child-friendly videos on YouTube.

In Edinburgh, an 8 year old was told to get a knife from the kitchen and put it to his neck.

With young children in my own family, these trends frighten me when I consider the worst possible outcome-that one of the kids might really hurt themselves or others.

Ms Dixon added that her son initially refused to go upstairs because it was dark and wouldn't even sleep in his own bed.

The Momo Challenge gained the public's attention in July 2018, when it was noticed by a YouTuber, ReignBot.

The Momo Challenge has resurfaced and gone viral, and its left parents fearing for the safety of their kids.

Now, the challenge is trending again, after allegedly popping up in the middle of YouTube videos directed toward younger audiences - and asking one United Kingdom boy to stab himself in the neck.

It adds that "as a parent, it's hard to spot these videos as the harmful content doesn't appear until partway through the video". "Scary to think that any children have seen this disgraceful thing". 'It's important for you to reiterate to your child that Momo is not a real person and can not directly harm them!'

Trends and viral challenges can be tempting for children to take part in; no matter how risky or scary they seem.

Be there when your child is online.

"How many people watching this have sat down and had the talk with their children about what they're doing online, who they're communicating with what they're sharing?"

The fourth point concerns device settings and parental controls.

Police believe the game has been invented by hackers to gain access to personal information and are urging parents to know what their children access online, ensure children know not to give out personal information and that no one has the right to tell them what to do.

"It was on the radar of some key stage two children so it's fortunate a parent raised it to us".

Check the validity of everything you see online and be mindful things you share that aren't real may cause unnecessary worry.

The seventh and final tip encourages parents to report and block any distressing and inappropriate content they come across in order to not only prevent children from watching it, but also to alert social platforms to flaws in their algorithms.