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We are disabling the comment function prior to a movie's release date.

"Over the past few years, Rotten Tomatoes has been evolving into a robust movie and TV show recommendations platform that celebrates the views of professional critics and fans alike, and encourages discussion and debate", said Ara Nalbandian, Head of Product and Technology, Rotten Tomatoes. Most recently, the Rotten Tomatoes page for Disney's "Captain Marvel" - set to debut March 8 - was littered with negative and misogynistic comments from users bashing the movie's supposed feminist agenda.

Rotten Tomatoes is changing its review system again, this time to combat trolls from snarking about upcoming releases.

"We are disabling the comment function prior to a movie's release date". Until today, unreleased movies also had a version of the audience score, measuring audience anticipation for a film.

The "Want to See" percentage score will also be removed for the duration of a movie's pre-release period.

Rotten Tomatoes has become the go-to site for movie reviews.

Larson's' comments prompted instant backlash online, particularly over at Rotten Tomatoes, where the film's "Want To See" score began dropping precipitously - triggering critics on the left to blame the right for the bad buzz, as Twitchy noted. Ten months ahead of its release, fans were already trying to bring down the Want to See rating and posting negative comments, ScreenRant reports.

Previously, users were able to express their interest in seeing a movie, such as Captain Marvel, and that would generate a number that indicated the percentage of people interested in seeing that movie.

Rotten Tomatoes has made a decision to remove the option for fans to comment and review on films before their release in an effort to stop users trashing films they haven't seen yet.

"Unfortunately, we have seen an uptick in non-constructive input, sometimes bordering on trolling, which we believe is a disservice to our general readership", the staff explained. Ultimately, a movie will have two numbers; a Tomatometer critics score and the Audience Rating.

Rotten Tomatoes Rotten Tomatoes screenshot before changes. With the development of its new audience rating system well underway, Rotten Tomatoes' goal is to deliver a best-in-class destination for fans to share their opinions of movies and TV Shows, while connecting with other fans in a thoughtful community of pop culture lovers.

In addition, Rotten Tomatoes established a $100,000 grant program to create more opportunities for critics serving "underrepresented groups" to cover major film festivals and gain access to press screenings.