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Also, with the Galaxy S10 now sporting reverse wireless charging, you'll even be able to send excess juice from your phone to the Galaxy Buds in a pinch. Inside is an octa-core processor, 12GB of memory, and 512GB of built-in storage.

Further details about the Knox solution were not immediately available, and Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

So along with the S10 and S10+, this year buyers will have the option of picking up an S10e as well.

We may now know the name of Samsung's upcoming foldable phone. So that means it's also been about ten years since Samsung started Apple's main Android rival the Galaxy series. In contrast, the HTC EXODUS 1 can only be bought using bitcoin or ether, and the Finney can only be purchased using the Sirin token. The front-facing cameras sit inside holes cut into in the display itself as an alternative to including them in a "notch", as the iPhone does.

The available colors for the device are "cosmos black", "space silver", "Martian green", and "astro blue". On the other hand, the display of the Samsung Galaxy S10e, which is going to be the affordable version of the smartphone, will have bezels on both its sides.

Some rumors regarding the company's foldable smartphone did surface over the last couple of months, and they mentioned the phone's possible price tag, along with some display spec info.

The S10 and S10+ are the world's first phones to feature HDR10+-certified screens for ultimate 4K HDR picture performance.

Samsung is finally making things official with its latest and greatest Galaxy phones. According to a new leak, Samsung is rumoured to refresh its Galaxy Charging Pad and launch a Samsung branded power bank. On the back, there is a triple module with a standard 12 MP camera with a variable aperture (F1.5 - F2.4), a 12 MP telephoto camera with 2x optical zoom and an F2.4 aperture, and a 16 MP ultra-wide-angle camera.

The handset comes with a huge 6.7-inch screen, has six cameras in total and houses a massive 4,500mAh battery.

Though we're yet to test it fully, the dual cameras handled Samsung's brightly-lit demo area easily and captured images that, on first impressions at least, looked just as punchy and detailed as those snapped on the flagship S10's triple-camera setup. So it doesn't have as much RAM as the S10 Plus can potentially come with, but that aside it's essentially a bigger and seemingly even better version of that phone.