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These first party titles launched in the third quarter of the year and sold in the millions.

It's been nearly exactly a year since Nintendo revealed plans to bring its hugely popular Mario Kart series to mobiles.

It's also worth noting that the Switch saw a massive quarter in software sales with 53.51 million units total.

When it comes to software, it's fantastic news with several games reaching the 10 million figure.

That's in large part thanks to Super Smash Bros. Nintendo earlier had a target of 20 million Switches sold through during the financial year, this has now been lowered. The current target now is a significantly more reasonable and, I wouldn't hesitate in saying a guaranteed 17 million units.

Nintendo has today released sales data for both software and hardware and it's good news all round. Ultimate which sold 12.08 million units.

Updated totals were also offered for other games, with Super Mario Odyssey the second biggest seller on 13.73 million and officially the best-selling 3D Mario ever.

Mario Kart is now the most successful first-party IP the company has on the Switch, so a mobile app could prove wildly popular, if executed correctly.

And on the mobile side Mario Kart Tour has been delayed from before April until sometime this summer, although since nothing has ever been seen of the game it's hard to know how to feel about that.

Sure, there's probably more all-encompassing, detailed video games than the classic Nintendo game, but is there anything that you could genuinely sit down for an hour, in a group on your own, and have as much fun playing?