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Last October, Google apparently demoted the US's speed limit availability from "good data quality and availability" to "approximate data quality or availability", an act justified in the context of the feature being deployed in Bay Area only.

As soon as road safety warnings and speed limit warnings are made available globally, just a simple feature will be missing to make the transition complete.

According to The Verge, the new Google Maps update adds the speed limit and speed trap icons on the roads its users are passing through. Google Maps users have nevertheless got their fingers crossed, given that Waze has had a similar feature for quite some time now.

The new addition starting arrive to more users this week and is confirmed to be rolling out widely in the US, UK, and Denmark.

This is another feature that Google has added, that Waze has had for years - even before Google bought Waze back in 2013.

It is true that with the arrival of these features in Google Maps, Waze will no longer have its strongest arguments. For example, if a driver decides to make a right turn, Google Maps will say "8 min slower" or "2 min slower" if their directions change.

Unhappily, despite these claims that these apps can help users map their journeys or carry tools like compass or speedometer, every app can work on Google Maps or its related APIs to do the actual work.

There, users can view an hourly breakdown predicting how congested their route will be, along with suggestions for alternate routes that may be faster. Now speed limit signs are appearing in Google Maps.

From that data, he charted how often each app provided slower/faster trip time.

Waze was criticized a few years ago for the speed trap notification feature, which police officers called "irresponsible".