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In 2018, Kyler Murray threw for 4,361 passing yards to go along with 42 passing touchdowns.

Well, this season at Oklahoma, Kyler Murray had an even better season than Mayfield did previous year - in the same offense and with largely the same personnel.

While some looked at Murray as a potential breakout star in the sport, his run to the Heisman Trophy surpassed even the boldest of expectations and vaulted him onto the radar of National Football League teams. That puts Murray squarely in play for the QB-needy teams ahead of the Lions in the draft, a group which includes the Jaguars, Giants and perhaps the Buccaneers and Raiders. Sanders, however, said Murray should focus on baseball. And Murray certainly has the potential to be one of the faces of the NFL.

But at some point, he will, most likely, have to choose between playing professional football or baseball.

This is a football pedigree that - coupled with a risky dual-threat style that makes him inherently harder to defend - turns him into a no-brainer first-round NFL talent.

Other NFL stars feel as though Murray would be great in the NFL.

The biggest concern with Murray is obviously his size, as he is listed at 5-foot-10 but is probably an inch shorter than that. Then again, Russell Wilson is only an inch taller than Murray and look what he's done so far.

GREENE: So you say baseball - not off the table. "Sometimes, I still have regret that I didn't give [baseball] more".

The NFL scouting combine is in late February and early March and could intersect with his spring training - major league camp starts in mid-February and minor league camp begins in early March. That date can be seen as one of the first indicators of which way he's leaning.

While Murray has entered his name into the National Football League draft, he still has 72 hours during which he can chose to pull out. However, Mayfield went first overall and it seems unlikely right now that Murray will be the No. 1 overall pick.

Another quarterback going before the Lions pick means another player at a position where the Lions have a more immediate and pressing need falls to Detroit.

Murray earned a $4.66 million signing bonus when he joined the Athletics, a sum that he would be required to return should he opt to switch to the NFL. "That's a huge deal, the organization letting me do that".