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A majority of Americans are not confident in President Donald Trump's ability to make wise immigration policy as the partial government shutdown over Trump's border wall is poised to stretch into its fifth week.

The House has passed a Democratic measure to reopen the government through February 8 and provide $14 billion in emergency spending for recent hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters.

Top White House officials are discussing whether the GOP-controlled Senate could invite President Trump to deliver the State of the Union address.

The Point: This political pissing match represents a failure of our government the likes of which we haven't seen - even in an era in which it feels like every political norm has already been smashed.

Vice President Mike Pence informed U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents of the news, The Hill reported.

Senior White House officials say they are unconcerned about a downgraded internal assessment of the partial government shutdown as a drag on the USA economy or polls that show most Americans mostly blame President Donald Trump for the impasse.

The shutdown, at 27 days, is the longest in American history.

He went on to explain how top Democrats have previously voted for a wall along the southern border.

Democratic leaders and rank-and-file members continue to insist the president agree to reopen the shuttered federal agencies, saying they then would return to the negotiating table over the border barrier.

The White House has not responded to Pelosi's leak claim.

To strike a deal temporarily reopening government, the commitment from Democrats "would have to be pretty strong to get something done" on the wall, Rounds said.

Thursday at her weekly press briefing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) she has not heard a response from the White House to her proposal to postpone President Donald Trump's January 29 State of the Union address until the government is reopened. "Perhaps the president's inexperience did not have him understand that protocol". On Thursday, the State Department said it was calling furloughed employees back to work. Nearly 60 percent of the public say they trust Trump less than former presidents.

He also demurred on the question of whether Trump's decision was a shutdown-related gambit, or retaliation for Pelosi's decision on the state of the union - a power-play move that earned the well-regarded and crafty political veteran a lot of glowing news coverage in Washington.

US President Donald Trump signed the Government Employee Fair Treatment Act on Wednesday to compensate federal employees who have not received any pay as a result of the current government shutdown.

So yes, Trump's base is solidly behind him - Trump's support among Republicans and Republican leaners is at 80 per cent and the partisan gap in Trump's job approval is wider than for any president in more than six decades, according to new polling by Pew Research.

About a quarter of the federal government was shut down on 22 December in a row over $5.7bn of federal funding for a wall on the border to Mexico, which was one of president Trump's campaign pledges. Hassett said the economy should get a boost when the government re-opens.

The Democrats and the White House blame each other for the impasse, with neither side showing signs of backing down.

With the shutdown in its fourth week, that suggests the economy has lost almost a half-percentage point of growth so far, though some of that occurred at the end of last year and some in the first quarter of this year.