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Mike Pompeo poured scorn on efforts by Mr Trump's predecessor, Barack Obama, to moderate American policy in the Middle East and negotiate with Iran, calling him "misguided" and a victim of "wishful thinking".

Ever since Trump's presidency began, one seemingly consistent aspect of the administration's approach to the Middle East was a constant focus on Iran's malign conduct and the need for Washington and allies to counter Tehran's regional influence.

As a result, the United States deliberations over Syria, which would normally occur behind closed doors, are "literally happening in front of the entire world", Stein said.

Pompeo has chosen Cairo as the symbolic venue for a speech meant to repudiate the message in former US President Barack Obama's landmark address to the Muslim world from the Egyptian capital when he first took office.

As Pompeo arrived in Egypt, the US State Department described the country as a "steadfast partner in the anti-terror fight, and a courageous voice in denouncing the radical Islamist ideology that fuels it". He told you that 9/11 led my country to abandon its ideals, particularly in the Middle East.

On June 4, 2009, Obama spoke about stopping the US use of torture and closing the Guantanamo Bay military prison, about finding ways for America and the Muslim world to coexist, and about celebrating common principles "of justice and progress; tolerance and the dignity of all human beings". "It is not possible for us to make compromises on this point", Erdogan said Tuesday in a speech to parliament. "Those are all things that secretaries of state don't normally do but seem to becoming standard practice with Pompeo".

Pompeo is touring the region to try to explain U.S. strategy after Trump's surprise announcement of an abrupt withdrawal of all 2,000 U.S. troops from Syria, which rattled allies and shocked top U.S. officials, prompting U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to resign.

Former Obama administration officials rejected Pompeo's assertions as petty, political and weak.

Obama's longtime aide Ben Rhodes also lambasted Pompeo for giving a speech he said "no one will remember next week" unlike Obama's address.

A meeting between Bolton and Erdogan was never confirmed, a USA official said, but administration officials had said one was expected.Speaking before Erdogan's remarks to parliament, Marquis said Bolton and Kalin had "a productive discussion" and had "identified further issues for dialogue."Bolton's comments about Turkey over the weekend during an interview with reporters traveling with him in Israel had drawn criticism from Turkish officials".

Bolton and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo are touring the Middle East, seeking to explain the policy and elicit support.

"In that parallel universe, the Arab public probably will receive it enthusiastically", he said.

As the issue of Iran's funding of terrorism-which has grown since it received millions of dollars in cash windfalls as a result of the now-defunct nuclear agreement-continues to plague US leaders and Arab countries, Tehran is signaling that its investment in these terror groups such as Lebanese Hezbollah has provided them with the military capability to destroy the Jewish state.

He said Obama ignored the growth of the Iranian-backed Hezbollah movement in Lebanon to the detriment of Israel's security and not doing enough to push back on Iran-supported rebels in Yemen.

"The Trump administration has moved quickly to rebuild links amongst our old friends and nurture new partnerships", added Pompeo.

"The age of self-inflicted American shame is over, and so are the policies that produced so much needless suffering", Pompeo said.

Meanwhile, Russia, which has backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the seven-year war, may seek to exploit the confusion created by the bickering between Turkey and the United States.

The remark came in contrast to the president's statement from December 19., when he said the withdrawal would happen quickly and that the US had defeated ISIS. "Israel must withdraw from the region as part of a deal that will allow the rights of all sides to be maintained".