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People are uploading videos of themselves walking around blindfolded in what's called the "Bird Box" challenge.

It seems internet users and Bird Box fans alike invented a new challange which takes its name from the movie itself, the "Bird Box" challenge.

In the movie, the only way to survey is to be blind or blindfolded.

Bird Box is a monster hit (that doesn't actually the show monster) for Netflix.

While some of the videos being posted are absolutely hilarious, Netflix is already begging people to be careful before someone gets very seriously hurt.

So far, some entries have included scaling escalators and moving walkways, which apparently haven't led to any injuries but it's early yet: the movie only came out on the streaming service on December 23.

In the time where many "challenges" were shared on social media such as the Ice Bucket challenge or the Drake's "In My Feelings" challenge, Netflix is trying to avoid it.

The film's popularity shouldn't be that surprising.

Well, maybe not quite that many but it was still a significant number of people who sat down over Christmas to watch Sandra Bullock be blindfolded for two hours.

While blindfolded she has to undertake strenuous tasks, such as climbing harsh terrain and keeping her two children safe.

Last Wednesday, Teigen was one of the many who took to Twitter to give their reactions about the horror film.

"Can't believe I have to say this", the Netflix US Twitter account wrote, sounding like a cranky parent. "I had them make the blindfold but when I had the children I had them take out one layer, so I could see outlines of things because I would never want to put their lives at risk in the scene..." Then came the Tide pod challenge. In this "Bird Box Challenge" the man's baby ends up walking right into a wall and it looks extremely bad.

Netflix is getting a little concerned that the "Bird Box" memes are getting out of hand.

A lot of the early videos feature families doing the challenge together, which is what happens when something like this goes viral over a holiday break.