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Flynn's sentencing has been postponed four times over the past year.

Lawyers for former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn will make a sentencing recommendation in a court filing due by the end of the day, while Paul Manafort's defense team is expected to argue that the ex-Trump campaign chairman never intentionally lied to prosecutors.

One week ago, special counsel Robert Mueller recommended to federal Judge Emmet Sullivan in the District of Columbia that Flynn has provided "substantial assistance" in the Russian Federation investigation, including possible collusion between the Kremlin and Trump's 2016 campaign, and should be spared from prison time.

The agents' impression that Flynn was not lying does not square with what fired FBI Director James Comey told House investigators during the closed-door testimony before the House Judiciary and Oversight committees last Friday. It also suggested that agents discouraged him from having a lawyer present.

Fox News' Chris Wallace joined Shepard Smith this afternoon to react to Robert Mueller firing back at Michael Flynn's claims about the circumstances of his January 2017 Federal Bureau of Investigation interview.

Though Flynn's supporters have seized on the fact that the FBI agents who questioned him did not detect signs of deception during the interview, prosecutors say that doesn't change the fact "that he was indeed lying, and knowingly made false statements to FBI agents in a national security investigation".

According to notes from a July 2017 FBI interview with Peter Strzok - the lead FBI agent who interviewed Flynn and who later got kicked off the Russian Federation probe for anti-Trump texts - then-FBI Director James Comey was only going to tell Yates right before the interview about the plan, though he ended up telling her a little earlier when she called him about another matter.

Thomas A. Heaney Jr., a retired Army colonel who has been friends with Flynn since they were 9 years old, said they have been out more than a dozen times in Rhode Island and elsewhere when Flynn has been recognized by people on the street. His sentencing has the makings of a bookend moment for the investigation given that Flynn - a visible presence on the campaign trail, in high-level transition talks and in the chaotic early days of the administration - was an early, and pivotal, part of the case who appeared to enjoy the president's sympathy even after his departure from the White House.

"Flynn was alone and "relaxed and jocular", according to the Strzok document.

Flynn was sacked by the Trump administration in February 2017, following a series of intelligence leaks that showed he had secretly communicated with Kislyak, and tried to cover up what was discussed. After the FBI charged Flynn, he agreed to cooperate with Mueller's investigation.

Flynn asked a subordinate member of the Presidential Transition Team to contact the Post on the morning of January 13 and convey false information about the defendant's communications with the Russian ambassador.

The special counsel's office also notes that Flynn, who was previously a high-ranking national security official, should have been cognizant of what he was doing.

In addition to the Strzok interview, Flynn's lawyers cited a memo that then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe wrote on following his conversation with Flynn to set up the White House meeting.

JOHNSON: The lawyers don't go so far as to mount some kind of entrapment case, but they are offering some suggestions if the judge who's ultimately going to sentence Mike Flynn next week wants to grab at those. Around the same time, President Donald Trump's former attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to eight federal charges. Despite this, Mueller said he will not pursue a more painful punishment.