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Non-state Russian media jumped on the issue, with MBKh Media, media organization founded by Mikhail Khodorkovsky, a prominent critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin, publishing an image of an actor in a suit ahead of the technology event.

A contraption presented by Russian state television as a high-tech robot was in fact a man in a commercially available robot costume, Russian media has reported.

Boris was shown on stage with co-hosts using dance moves so realistic that your dad would proudly use them at a wedding.

While the forum's organisers deny claiming the man in a robot suit was a real robot, it seems like state TV footage pushed that narrative.

As it turns out the standard for dancing is higher for humans than it is for robots. The TV channel "Russia 24" was filming a story about "robot Boris" in which a journalist admires the miracle of domestic appliances seeing that now, perhaps, "one of the guys will dedicate themselves to robotics". The realistic robot costume called Alyosha the Robot costs as huge as 250,000 roubles (£2,975).

The robot suit is reportedly equipped with a microphone and tablet display, giving the "near total illusion that before you stands a real robot".

One anchor said the view of the robot could inspire Russian youth in their career decisions.

"And here comes the world's most advanced robot Boris, a Russian man, a member of the party "United Russia" inside" - said in comments to the video.

The robot suit has been tracked down to a company called Look Robots, which sells them for around £3,000.

Footage of the robot reportedly disappeared briefly from Russia-24's YouTube channel on Wednesday morning but it came back again a short while later.