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On Wednesday evening, Mrs May won the backing of 200 Conservative MPs in the confidence vote on her leadership, but 117 MPs voted against her.

The verdict of the confidence vote was formally announced by Graham Brady, Chair of the 1922 Committee made up of Tory backbenchers, who revealed that the Parliamentary Party "does have confidence in Theresa May as leader of the Conservative Party".

May earlier told Tory MPs she will not lead the party into the next General Election.

Theresa May has told her own Conservative MPs she will not stand in the next general election.

With less than four months left until the United Kingdom is due to exit on March 29, Brexit has been thrown up in the air by the failure of May's divorce deal among British lawmakers and a mutiny inside her party.

The political crisis over the Brexit deal looks set to continue over Christmas after the prime minister played down hopes of securing a quick fix during crunch talks with European leaders today.

She had promised to get legal assurances that the Irish "backstop" will not last indefinitely, but at the start of the day she warned not to expect an "immediate breakthrough".

Europe's key power brokers have said they are unwilling to renegotiate the legally binding agreement that has been agreed to by Mrs May's government and the bloc's other members, although some leaders have indicated a willingness to consider statements that might make it easier for Mrs May to persuade the reluctant Parliament to pass the plan.

Ms May early Thursday headed to Brussels for further negotiation on the Brexit deal. "If much more than 100 MPs vote against her then I think she is going to be struggling to remain for very long and would find it hard to get that deal through the House of Commons".

The majority of MPs have said they will support May in the vote, however the ballot is held secretly.

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That fear is a central plank of her own party's critics - and led to her pulling a vote in the Commons that she was expected to lose significantly.

"It's possible, if the United Kingdom wishes, to revoke Article 50, or if that's a step too far, to seek an extension of Article so that the United Kingdom parliament has more time to come together and decide what they would like the outcome to be", he said. I don't think Theresa May has a Conservative party opponent that will beat her tonight in the Conservative party leadership challenge, but the days for Theresa May are gone.

This meant about half the people voting were effectively "in the pay of the Prime Minister in one way or another". "In the national interest, she must go".

May took over after her predecessor David Cameron quit following the shock vote for Brexit in June 2016, winning by default after her rivals fought among themselves or withdrew.

'I voted for the prime minster because this is not the right time to change leader whilst discussions with the European Union are ongoing'. But deep divisions remain on all sides of the House of Commons over the so-called "backstop", a temporary customs arrangement created to prevent the need for checkpoints at the Irish border if a long-term solution between the United Kingdom and European Union can not be agreed post-Brexit.

May needs to win the support of 158 of her MPs - just over half - in order to defeat the no confidence motion, which was triggered when 48 Tories demanded a ballot.

May still remains vulnerable to a no-confidence vote within the House in the government itself, something the opposition Labour Party has been poised to launch.

Speaking on ITV's Peston, he said: "We will just have to judge what she comes back with on Sunday night, Monday morning, see what the statement is in the House of Commons on Monday and take a proper judgment then".

The problem is we're right back to where we were on Sunday with Theresa May needing to craft a Brexit deal that can get through parliament.