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"Russian men aged 16 to 60 have been barred from entering the country", he said at a meeting dedicated to ensuring the country's defense capability in the situation of martial law, which also involved Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko.

Erdogan said he would hold more talks concerning the standoff with both Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump on the sidelines of the G-20 summit meeting in Buenos Aires.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the whole affair had been prepared by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in an attempt to boost his ratings for the upcoming presidential elections.

More than 10,000 people have been killed in the conflict in the east.

Officials said they might also impose additional restrictions on Russian citizens already in Ukraine.

Orthodox communities will now have to convene at a date announced by Bartholomew I to formally form a new church, Poroshenko said Thursday.

Ukrainian authorities have sought to portray the Russian Orthodox clerics in Ukraine as supporting Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine.

While NATO condemned the Russian action, the allies will be unlikely to heed Mr Poroshenko's request, which could trigger a confrontation with Russia.

"First it was Crimea, then eastern Ukraine, now he wants the Sea of Azov", Mr Poreshenko said. "In this regard, as per the norms of the Montreux Convention, specifically item 19, we will request the closure of the Bosphorus Straight so Russian Federation appreciates violating norms of worldwide law", Voronchenko said during a speech at the 2nd global Conference on Maritime Security in Kyiv on November 29. Russia's 2014 seizure of Crimea was rightly seen as a serious violation of global norms, but few at the time recognized it as creating new tinder for war-other than maybe out of a long-term smoldering Ukrainian revanchism.

The peninsula existed as a semi-autonomous region of Ukraine, with political bonds to Kyiv but strong cultural ties to Moscow.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have escalated after the weekend incident in which the Russian coast guard fired on and seized three Ukrainian navy vessels and their crews near the Kerch Strait.

Ukraine's SBU intelligence agency on Thursday claimed a Russian Ka-52 helicopter and Su-30 jet fighter launched rockets at the Ukrainian ships seized by Russia in Sunday's confrontation.

Lubina has not specified how many Ukrainians will be transferred to Moscow.

Ukrainian vessels, including warships, would have to notify Russian authorities before passing beneath the Kerch Strait Bridge into the Sea of Azov to reach their major port of Mariupol.

Poroshenko has also asked for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation warships to be sent to the Sea of Azov.

Ukraine and Russian Federation trace their Orthodox Christian roots to Volodymyr the Great, the prince whose baptism in 988 in Kiev led to the christianisation of the region known as "Kievan Rus".

The Sea of Azov is the body of water that separates the Crimean Peninsula, which Russia illegally annexed in 2014, from the Ukrainian and Russian mainlands. There is also a line of nine vessels to leave the Azov Sea and eight other vessels are standing by near the port berths.

Russia's foreign ministry responded to the temporary ban on Friday, criticizing Ukraine leadership and saying it would not reciprocate.

No one wants war, but this is how one gets a war.