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For new customers only, Google is offering an extra $200 in Fi credit with each phone purchase.

All of this means you can save money through Google Fi with a cheap plan after buying that new, pricey Samsung Galaxy Note 9, iPhone XS Max, or One Plus 6T.

That's certainly a vague statement, making it even more unclear what Google actually has in store for those wanting to give Project-Fi a test-drive - but we can expect to know more once the search-giant makes its official announcement in the coming days. The service, now simply called Google Fi (it rhymes with "eye"), is finally available for iPhones and a lot more Android devices. This sounds like a big improvement from the handful of Fi-compatible devices, but that additional device support is a little complicated. You can get back all the money you spend on a new phone-dollar for dollar-in travel vouchers, which you can use for flights, Airbnb locations, or hotels. There's just a single "plan", and it starts at $20 for access to a line, plus an additional $10 for every gigabyte consumed. However, you won't get full Google Fi experience on all these devices.

Previously, Google Fi only worked with Google's phones as well as some from LG and Motorola.

It's not a surprising compromise, given how Fi is set up, but it's disappointing one nonetheless. The same looks to be true here. Network Tools is what allows for automatic carrier switching, enables a Google Fi VPN, and make Wi-Fi calls.

Google’s Renowned Project Fi Wireless Service Is Finally Coming to iPhone
Google's cellular service gets rebranded, offers support for iPhones

Thankfully, no matter what phone you own, you still get Fi's other perks. No matter what phone you use with Fi, you'll get great Fi features-like reliable coverage, easy group plans, and high speed global data coverage for the same rates you pay at home.

Since this marks the first time Fi is available on an iPhone, there's also a new iOS app. iPhones will need iOS 11 or higher, and Android devices will need Android 7.0 or higher and bands 2 and 4. Plus, Fi happens to be a great network for travelers, as service continues in more than 170 countries outside the USA, and costs the same, too.

Google's Fi service has been a popular choice, particularly among worldwide travelers, because its plans are flexible and relatively low-priced compared with many other carriers.

Google took another step towards becoming a phone company Wednesday with a relaunch of its mobile phone service under a new Google Fi branding.