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Shortly after the White House sent a letter to Jim Acosta informing the CNN correspondent of their plans to once again revoke his access, the Trump administration is reversing course.

Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts shared a less descriptive version of Karl's report moments earlier, tweeting: "SCOOP: @WhiteHouse to not seek revocation of @Acosta hard pass - sources". The letter from Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Communications Director Bill Shine, says that the president is "aware of this preliminary decision and concurs".

The White House took away CNN reporter Jim Acosta's hard press pass after he got into a heated exchange with President Donald Trump at a press conference on November 7. "We are mindful that a more elaborate and comprehensive set of rules might need to be devised, including, for example, for journalist conduct in the open (non-press room) areas inside and outside the White House and for Air Force One", she continued. Due process would give Acosta and CNN the chance to rebut and challenge the appropriateness of the government's action.

The letter cites "behavior" at a press conference the day after the midterms that "violated the basic standards governing such events" as the reason to suspend Acosta's pass.

CNN's lawyers had signaled a willingness to settle after prevailing in court on Friday. Instead, the letter from Shine and Sanders was an "attempt to provide retroactive due process", the filing alleged.

In response, CNN is asking the U.S. District Court for another emergency hearing. The White House had considered only restoring the pass temporarily for the time required by the judge, but it caved and issued a full restoration Monday.

According to John Roberts of Fox News and Jonathan Karl of ABC News, the White House plans to abandon its efforts to pull Acosta's credential.

If this is how "decorum" is restored in a White House where the president himself tells journalists they ask "stupid questions", the holes are big enough to drive a truck through.

At the contentious news conference a day after Trump's Republicans lost their majority in the US House of Representatives, Trump erupted with anger when Acosta questioned him about the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and a migrant caravan travelling through Mexico. Trump said he'd kick Acosta put of press conferences if he "misbehaves" going forward.

On Friday, Acosta won a major victory when he sued and a judge ordered the White House to temporarily reinstate his press pass while the judge looks into the case and makes a final ruling.