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Jerry Brown stressed the role that climate change has played in the state's wildfires, as both Northern and Southern California face continued devastation from the ongoing fires.

And while visiting the town of Paradise, which has been nearly completely leveled by the flames, Mr Trump suggested America could follow Finland's example. He remembered telling Mr Trump "we take care of our forests" but could not recall raking coming up.

The so-called Camp Fire in northern California has destroyed the town of Paradise, about 190 miles (290km) north of San Francisco, and left almost 1,000 people unaccounted for.

The president cited purported comments from the president of Finland on how the Nordic nation deals with its forests: "Other countries do it differently, it's a whole different story". "But we just saw, we just left Pleasure". Around noon on Sunday, they walked north along the shoulder of Pacific Coast Highway near Zuma View Place in Malibu, heading to a home they said they knew had burned down.

In an interview with Ilta-Sanomat, a CNN affiliate, the Finnish president explained that he talked with Mr. Trump in Paris about the California wildfires and a bit about Finland's fire-monitoring system.

Trump's "compliment" for Finland caused a stir on social media, where hashtags like #RakeAmericaGreat Again and #RakeNews were widely shared.

Forests cover more than 70 per cent of Finland's 338,000 square kilometers.

Meanwhile Lauri Markkanen asked: "Anybody need their floors raked?"

"There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor", the president tweeted after the fires began.

"I was watching the firemen the other day and they were raking areas", Mr Trump said. He then said, "You've got..."

Hundreds of crews and volunteers were searching the ash and rubble where homes stood before flames engulfed the Sierra foothills town of Paradise and surrounding communities, killing at least 77 people in the deadliest USA wildfire in a century.

It was all of course a nod to his suggestion simply raking the forests in California could have prevented the loss of lives.

"So yeah, you can mull the science, but I'll tell you every year it's going to get clearer and clearer so that I think in less than five years, even the worst skeptics are going to be believers".

Trump also reiterated that the White House was going to write up rules of conduct for reporters at news conferences, adding, "If he misbehaves, we'll throw him out or we'll stop the news conference".

In his first comments about the California disaster on Twitter, rather than offering condolences, the President threatened to withdraw federal payments and blamed the state's "gross mismanagement" for the fires.