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Late Friday Butte County Sheriff Korey Honea said it was his "sad duty" to update the Camp Fire death toll to nine.

In northern California, an inferno swept across the town of Paradise and destroyed more than 6,700 homes and businesses, making it the state's most destructive fire in at least a century. Firefighters scrambled in the narrow window of calm to try to block the two wildfires that have blazed a path of destruction toward the sea.

Evacuation orders included the entire city of Malibu, which is home to 13,000, among them some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Hundreds of miles south, authorities in Los Angeles and Ventura counties have ordered the evacuation of 75,000 homes, as a wildfire bears down on the beach town of Malibu.

It is one of three major blazes that firefighters are battling across the state.

Osby said losses to homes were significant but did not say how many had burned. "Fried to say the least.we're very, very lucky".

The City of Rolling Hills Estates is accepting horses affected by the Woolsey fire.

On Thursday, the Camp Fire swept through the town of Paradise in northern California and, aided by strong northeast winds, later spread through more territory to add to one of the worst fire seasons on record - with more than 1 million acres charred.

A fast-moving wildfire engulfed the Sierra foothills in northern California, decimating Paradise - a town of 30,000 people located 87 miles (140 kilometers) north of the state capital of Sacramento. "We were driving through fire on each side of the road", police officer Mark Bass said.

President Donald Trump approved an emergency declaration for the state Friday, but tweeted Saturday morning a threat to pull funding in the future over "gross mismanagement".

The flames also burned inland through hills and canyons dotted with modest homes, reached into the corner of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, and stretched into suburbs like Thousand Oaks, a city of 130,000 people that just a few days ago saw 12 people killed in a mass shooting at a country music bar. It killed eight people in July and August and burned about 1,100 homes.

"Things started exploding", resident Gina Oviedo said. And now, they've frightened some of your brothers and sisters out into the roadways and I don't know where they are. "We've had 'em come right up to the city limits - oh yeah - but nothing like this", he said.

According to the authorities, have evacuated more than 150 thousand people. A blaze is also approaching LA Zoo. Unlike many other news organizations, we have not put up a paywall.

The flames spread so fast that firefighters couldn't be everywhere at once.

Residents took matters into their own hands. In Westlake Village, two men with shovels struggled to dig a firebreak in front of a line of burning brush.

The Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management said Saturday the Arizona personnel and equipment will handle assignments that include fire suppression and backfilling for local fire departments.

"Even though the wind has died down, stay on guard", he urged. Early Friday, the whipping winds prevented fire commanders from ordering aerial assaults in the early morning hours.

David Fink made a decision to stay and watch his house.

Fallon went back to his property, where he, and his parents and their animals weathered the fire with a garden hose.