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"Risk depends on the number of affected family members, their age at diagnosis and whether there is a known breast cancer gene in the family". She rarely encounters inflammatory breast cancer cases, though the Cancer Institute is treating three or four IBC patients at the moment. The couple hopes to have more children. "I want to share my story to help other people take care of themselves and prioritize their health", she said. Regular breast cancer screening is important because it can find breast cancers when they are small, less likely to have spread and more likely to be treated successfully.

A breast cancer survivor who is determined to make a difference for north MS women is organizing a charity walk this weekend in her hometown of Calhoun City to help patients get to doctor appointments and treatment centers. "Say your prayer and do what you need to do". "Genes can be inherited from both your mother and your father. If there's a suggestion of family history, it's wise to see a genetic counselor".

One in eight women in the United States are diagnosed with breast cancer. "Working with the Bears to shine a spotlight on this important message drives more people to get their annual screening mammograms and talk to their loved ones about breast health".

Minority women face significant disparities in breast cancer screening and outcomes. However, early detection can reduce the risk of fatality and provide a chance to lead a normal life. For survivors, this walk means much more than just a way to raise awareness. "My grandma, my aunt Liz, her daughter and my aunt Tina all had breast cancer, and then one of my aunts, my aunt Helen, had ovarian cancer". Today, she's a survivor, a tireless advocate and a national adviser.

A ME taxi company is going pink in support of breast cancer awareness.

They claimed that half of all women who die from breast cancer do so due to poor access to adequate treatment.

"It's a huge honor to be accepted on this committee that's so influential", Davidson says. "Everybody needs to know there's things they can do". Our goal is to help women understand the benefits of mammographic screening and early detection.

A woman from Texas live streamed the surgery to remove cancer from one of her breasts to 26000 people. In her own case, Davidson felt a lump, but it did not show up on a mammogram. Recent scans indicate that she remains cancer-free. It was only discovered when the lump was removed and tested. Mrs. Mirza talked about her journey of how she conquered the disease by undergoing the hard process of diagnosis, treatment, surgery and post-operative care, along with the psychological repercussions of the disease.