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Earlier, before the rally, Trump tweeted the Democrats are "being obstructionists" towards the immigration policies and suggested that if they were to come together with Republicans to write up the new laws, it would take "less than one hour".

Republicans hold a 51-49 advantage in the Senate now.

If Democrats take the House, Cummings would likely be the chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which can examine any federal agency, person or company. It was also the year Democrats lost their Senate majority.

In the House, Democrats need to pick up 23 seats if they are to regain the majority, which analysts say is quite likely.

The emotion-fueled campaign season has galvanized Democrats and Republicans alike, presaging high turnout overall.

He also made special remarks about the caravan of 4,000 asylum seekers from the Central American states of Honduras and Guatemala which was making its way towards the US-Mexican border. "But 24, 25 is not". Two Republicans, Sens. Marty Knollenberg of Troy and Margaret O'Brien of Portage, face tough challenges.

Democrats like Schiff, and fellow California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell, say they'll wait for Mueller to conclude his investigation before jumping into one of their own, but there are things they're convinced Mueller has missed and issues that may be relevant to a collusion probe that other investigations have ignored.

"We were specifically looking to recruit strong female candidates that have differing backgrounds".

David McIntosh, the head of the pro-tax cut Club for Growth, tells Politico that he can't believe Republicans are letting their signature legislation die on the vine while conceding messaging on the issue to Democrats. Twenty-nine percent of registered voters said their votes were meant to send a signal of support to Trump, 33 percent said it was meant to signal opposition, and 36 percent said it's not a message either way on the president. And a Supreme Court dominated by conservatives has and will continue to uphold such manipulations. Lee Chatfield of Levering, chairman of the House Republican Campaign Committee. The judiciary and intelligence committees could then use the returns to dig into whether Trump got anything of value from foreigners or had business ties to Russian Federation.

But Schumer said the move amounted to the administration "plainly" admitting that it intends "to use taxpayer dollars to fund junk insurance plans that don't cover pre-existing conditions, which could lead to medical bankruptcy for many American families, in order to pad the pockets of health insurance executives".

"A lot of people are just motivated to vote because of what's happened in this state over the last eight years and they want to see a change in leadership", he said.