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YouTube fans were forced to go cold turkey this morning when a major outage prevented viewers from accessing the streaming site for more than an hour.

Google, which owns YouTube subsequently restored the services, but not before many users took to Twitter to vent their anger over the outage.

In an update, YouTube said that it had resolved a widespread issue with some of its services, but did not explain what caused the outage.

According to the company's Twitter account, they're working on resolving the issue.

YouTube posted an update at about 11am Singapore time, about an hour after it initially acknowledged that its services were experiencing "access issues". The outage seems to be affecting users worldwide.

Accompanying a reaction video, another added, "me writing a 6 page report about how YouTube shutting down has affected my well being and that I should receive compensation from this trauma". During the 2018 FIFA World Cup, YouTube TV - a paid livestreaming service - went down briefly during the match between Croatia and England. The users who are trying to access the platform are seeing an internal error message.

As of 10:39 PM ET, it appears that YouTube is back in business.

The inability to log on to the Web's second-most visited site, sent large numbers of people to alternative sources of video.

YouTube users have been confronted with error messages as they tried to login, upload or watch content on the hugely-popular video platform. Below is the Philly Police tweet that has been making rounds across Twitter after YouTube went down.

Thankfully, YouTube and other services are back online.