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The government predicts it will raise $400m a year in tax revenues on the sale of cannabis but concerns remain over the country's preparation for the event.

However, it remains illegal to possess more than 30 grams of cannabis in public, grow more than four plants per household or buy from an unlicensed dealer.

Other provinces, like Alberta, will have cannabis available in provincially-run stores on Wednesday for all adults over the age of 18.

A store owner spoke to public broadcaster CBC and said that selling and buying marijuana was so much better.

Ontario, home to Canada's most populous city, Toronto, will have no stores until April 2019 due to a change in the province's retail model by a new provincial government. Viviana Zanocco of the BC Liquor Distribution Branch, which is in charge of government-run pot stores in the province, said the design was meant to feel warm and inviting.

He made the first in-store cannabis purchase in the country.

Doug Schmidt is a reporter with the Windsor Star.

Canada became the first G7 country to legalize marijuana sales nationwide on Wednesday.

Although Uruguay started selling cannabis products past year under a 2013 law, Canada's foray is considered more significant because of its economic status and much larger population.

"If you're under the influence, you're going to be in trouble".

"I had kind of hoped for this in the back of my mind, and now that it's happening and the way it's happening I'm not so sure I'm liking it", said Elliott. Other products that are popular in some US states - edibles, for instance - are not available for legal purchase yet across the border, though you can cook and consume them in someone's home, according to Canada's Global News.

Brian Masse MP is a member of Canada's House of Commons.

"It's major social change, and we'll see how it works", said Hazen Calabrese, a former federal prosecutor who practised in Fredericton during the 1980s and prosecuted narcotics cases, including marijuana.

"We expect Tilray to acquire a meaningful share of the Canadian cannabis market based on initial supply agreements and through its first mover advantage in building production scale and strengthening national brands and products across a broad and expanding category", the analyst Mike Hickey said.

Newfoundlanders were the first to mark the occasion with many of them waiting up late on Tuesday night to witness the stroke of midnight for themselves.

"I'm going to enjoy it when I get home" he said. "If you do, these are the consequences'".

Canada needs to "take a deep breath" as USA states such as Colorado and California did not have a seamless system at the outset either, said Cam Battley, chief corporate officer for licensed producer Aurora Cannabis.

Financial markets and investors are looking to Canada as a bellwether to see how other countries will legalize the drug - and where lucrative opportunities may lie.

"Basically, it nearly doesn't matter whose fault it really is".