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Booster rocket that was carrying a Soyuz spacecraft, including a Russian and a USA astronaut, heading towards the International Space Station, failed in mid-air on Thursday.

The two astronauts were heading to the International Space Station, but Thursday's launch failed just two minutes after the lift-off.

US and Russian space officials said the astronauts were in good condition even though they experienced a gravitational force that was six-to-seven times more than is felt on Earth when their capsule went into a steep, harrowing fall back to ground.

Russia launches criminal probe over failed rocket launch Russian investigators said they had opened a criminal probe into the failed rocket launch that caused the two-man crew to make an emergency landing.

The launch failure follows close on the heels of another Soyuz issue, in which a hole was discovered August 29 on the MS-09 spacecraft that delivered the most recent crew to the space station.

Even if the Soyuz spacecraft is cleared for launch before December, Hadfield said, it could end up carrying astronauts from Thursday's launch rather than the next scheduled crew.

Russian space chief Dmitry Rogozin said he was forming a state commission to investigate what caused the failure.

Russian space officials said Mr Hague and Mr Rogozin will spend a couple of days at Star City, Russia's main space training centre outside Moscow, undergoing routine medical checks.

However, according to Spiegel, the European space Agency claim that the extension of stay Hirst at the station because of the accident is still pending.

We will remind, on October 11 during the launch of spacecraft "Soyuz MS-10" at the Baikonur cosmodrome, was happened the emergency disconnecting of the engines of the second stage. This Hague's first flight.

He also added that all Soyuz launches are suspended until the investigation is finished. The crew endured higher than normal G-force, but Russian and USA space officials said they were in good condition. There is no indication the launch failure and the mystery hole in the last Soyuz launched are connected.

Russia's RIA news agency reported that Russian Federation has immediately suspended all manned space launches after the failure.

NASA is able to consider this event so lightly thanks to the very fortunate fact that there was no loss of life, as the escape system built into the launch hardware functioned exactly as it was meant to.

Russian officials have also insisted on a bigger role in a US -led plan to build a space station orbiting the moon. -Russian cooperation in space, voicing hope that tensions between Moscow and Washington in other areas wouldn't affect that relationship. Everything had been going quite smoothly for Roscosmos ahead of the freaky hole discovered in one of their Soyuz spacecraft which was (and still is) attached to the International Space Station.