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The secretary of state's previous trip to North Korea, in July, did not go so well.

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday said that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has agreed to give worldwide inspectors access to the country's nuclear and missile testing sites, reported Reuters.

He also expressed gratitude towards Trump for making a honest effort to implement the agreements that were made in their previous summit in June.

Regardless of the push and pull and the apparent lack of a breakthrough, it was an improvement on Pompeo's visit three months ago, when Kim declined to meet him at all.

Pompeo called for more communication, trust and cooperation based on rules and promised that the US side adhered to the one-China principle.

"I hope your trip to North Korea and the upcoming second US-North Korea summit will provide a good opportunity for achieving irreversible, decisive progress in terms of denuclearisation and the peace process on the Korean peninsula".

"The issues that you characterized, we have a fundamental disagreement", Pompeo said.

The Pope has long urged the two Koreas to make peace.

Pompeo told journalists in Seoul that the leader had agreed to open up the Punggye-ri nuclear testing site to inspectors.

The inspectors will be allowed in as soon as the two sides agree on "logistics", Pompeo told reporters in Seoul before leaving for Beijing on a whirlwind diplomatic trip.

When asked for a date on the inspection, Pompeo responded, "As soon as we get it logistically worked out".

"We require that the USA stop such misguided actions", he said, adding that the two countries should pursue cooperation "and not descend into conflict and confrontation". China is a bigger threat than Russia, Pence said Thursday, and is actively "meddling in America's democracy".

Pompeo is on an official visit to China for consultations on bilateral and global issues, including Beijing's territorial claims in the South China Sea. North Korea has among the world's worst human-rights records and operates a network of political prison.

There are now an estimated 80,000 to 120,000 people in North Korea's six political prison camps, in which the U.S. State Department has found evidence of starvation, forced labor and torture. "He also emphasized the importance of maintaining cross-strait peace and stability".

Wang's remarks made clear that China is most concerned about United States moves to improve ties with Taiwan.

The bruised relationship could face additional strain as the Trump administration weighs whether to name China a currency manipulator in a report due out next week.

The exchange, between Pompeo and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Beijing, displayed an unusually stern tone from both sides, amid rising tension between the world's two largest economies.

But other parts of Asia still have concerns.

On the court, Chinese female basketball players who are visiting Pyongyang this week mixed together with North Korean female players to form two teams, called "Friendship" and "Unity".

For a US president who likes to use leader-to-leader diplomacy to help resolve issues, it's not clear when Trump will get that opportunity. But he and Xi could meet on the sidelines of the G-20 meeting in Buenos Aires later in November.

The President said that a second summit "is happening" and that the "timing won't be too far away".

"I'd love to remove them, but we have to get something for doing it", Trump said.

Pompeo has repeatedly refused to discuss details of negotiations, including a US position on North Korea's demand for a declared end to the Korean War and a proposal from Seoul for such a declaration to be accompanied by a shutdown of the North's main known nuclear facility.