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The president on Monday suggested Vega wasn't "thinking" and "never" does during the press conference.

Trump, who held a press conference to discuss a new North Atlantic free trade agreement, agreed to have Vega ask him a question.

"I'm not, thank you, Mr. President", she said.

While the microphone was being passed to Vega, Trump mockingly said Vega was "shocked" that he had called on her.

Vega later spoke about the incident on Twitter, saying that as a reporter she can ask the president any question. He's basically saying, 'If you think I'm an assh*le now, imagine if I had a few beers!

The Daily Beast reported that the White House whitewashed the part "I know you're not thinking" from the official transcript of the conferencereplacing it with "I know you're not thanking". You've had enough", he said.

The president added, "No, go ahead". Trump told her to proceed: "No, go ahead".

"What does that have to do with trade?"

When Collins protested, Trump wagged a finger and said, "Don't do that". Do you have a question on trade?

But it was Trump's interactions with those reporters, maybe more than the not-NAFTA news itself, that's gotten attention.

But is that really surprising? Today, during a press conference, Trump showed his disdain for journalists once again.

However, there's a record within that record.

Others online also criticized the president's actions, many voicing support for female journalists. Meyers asked Trump, rhetorically.

Kavanaugh has faced allegations of sexual misconduct by three women, Christine Blasey Ford, Deborah Ramirez and Julie Swetnick.

Belittling women in those terms is standard Trump practice.

Later, Collins attempted to change the subject to ask two questions about the Kavanaugh investigation, and Trump wasn't having it. "I'm not giving it to you". Trump retorted. "Explain. What does that mean?" "I don't mind answering the question". Trump said. "I'd be the world's worst".

However, as it turned out, it indeed made a difference to the president.

By the way, he does not do this to male reporters when they ask about Kavanaugh.

Trump then cut her off, saying, "No, no". The (mostly) men standing alongside him laughed and smiled in response.

He ignored her and moved on to another reporter's question. "Do you have a question on trade?" "Please sit down", he said. This next reporter isn't even asking about Kavanaugh, but about gun control.