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There have been moments where his ability is obvious, but United fans want to see the Alexis Sanchez that could make something out of nothing for Arsenal.

Paul Pogba offered a damning critique of Manchester United's performance against Wolverhampton Wanderers, admitting that they lacked hunger and betrayed the club's traditions by failing to attack the opposition.

Speaking after the game, Paul Pogba has demanded that United adopt a more attacking mindset when playing home.

Sanchez's successful tackles per-90 minutes also jumped from 1.2 to 1.8 last season after moving to Old Trafford and now stands at 1.9.

Do they need to attack more?

And in the aftermath of the Wolves draw - a result which has left United eight points adrift of Premier League leaders Liverpool - supporters turned on Sanchez on Twitter.

Pogba's comments have been deconstructed by some media outlets as "digs at Jose Mourinho". It's the way football is, these insane pathways that we never know how they can cross again later on in life.

"Obviously we should show more options, but I can not say that because I'm a player".

"This is an English competition, the different salt and pepper that English competitions have, and I think it is good for him, for his development, for him to be ready for the top flight as soon as possible". "Let's improve, let's get better so we can (be) every week like this", Mourinho said.

Wright told 5 live's Monday Night Club: "For me, right now, if United had paid money for him they'd be thinking: 'How are we going to get that back?'" After a draw you go straight to a penalty shootout, which obviously is a 50-50 situation.

"When we play like this it's easier for us". "We should move more, yeah".

"We've played six games in the Premier League, it's not that we should get anxious, but we should obviously get closer - get closer and closer".