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Given that the Packers are a pass-first offense, he will have a chance to show his growth as a player that could be one of the primary threats in the red zone while making timely catches at critical points over the course of a game. Both teams enter this Week 3 matchup tied for first place in their respective divisions. Unless Adrian Peterson turns back the clock, this game will be a Quarterback duel and determined by pass defense. Peterson is not the player he was in his prime when he was the best running back in the game, but he is still capable of being effective and efficient.

Rodgers will rehab his left knee leading up to Sunday's game against the Washington Redskins.

Matthews was called for roughing the passer on a sack on Redskins QB Alex Smith - and there are sure to be more questions about what constitutes a penalty on such plays. With Rodgers hurt, some of the chunk plays are missing from the offense and that plays right into the kind of game Washington wants to play. He set career high with 480 yards passing vs. Redskins in 2013. "We'll see what today brings".

The Packers DBs are a little banged up heading into Week 3. He was listed as a non-participant in practice on Wednesday, although the Packers didn't actually practice.

As long as Rodgers remains hampered by his knee injury, it will be more important than usual for the Packers offensive line to protect their star quarterback.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy threw down a play-calling sheet and argued with two officials about the call, even chasing one along the sideline as he backpedaled away. Against the Bears, the backs were stuffed time and time again, regardless of whether there was a blitz on or not.

Without his ability to escape, Rodgers is somewhat limited, but if the Packers can keep Washington off balance and Rodgers in good spots, 24-28 points should be doable. They drafted big Da'Ron Payne out of Alabama to try to improve in this area.

The Packers don't run the ball very often; the last two years they were 29th and 27th in the league in rushing attempts and so far this year they are 27th. Jones will be allowed to participate in training camp and the preseason but will miss Green Bay's first 2 games against the Bears and Vikings.

"I don't think you can say because I did some of those things in the game [against Minnesota] that automatically I'll be able to do that and more on Sunday".

The gameplan might see some minor limitations, but make no mistake: Come Sunday, Rodgers will be on the field. Cobb has ended three drives-two drops and one fumble.