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There is a hearing scheduled for Monday although Ford has asked the FBI to investigate Kavanaugh before she testifies.

For now, the ball is the committee's to play, but precedent and some key numbers put the GOP majority in an exquisitely uncomfortable spot.

"For them, there's no time for context", The Washington Examiner's Becket Adams wrote.

Majority Republicans, haunted by the panel's 1991 treatment of Anita Hill during Justice Clarence Thomas' confirmation hearings, say the invitation to testify publicly on Monday stands.

But Democrats also said Tuesday they were planning to attend the hearing even if Ford did not show up.

We laugh at Booker, we gripe about Harris, but never forget that Gillibrand is the very worst of the young 2020 contenders for her bottomless cynicism.

"Guess who is perpetrating all of these kinds of actions?"

Wednesday on CNN, she described the Senate's treatment of Ford as "callousness from my colleagues that I am totally appalled by". "I'm not being critical, I'm being factual when I say this is an 11th-hour allegation".

"If it's truly Senator Collins' intention to side with Brett Kavanaugh over Dr. Blasey Ford, she will never again be able to claim the mantle of an ally to women or survivors, and that is not something that women will ever forget-not next week, not next month, and not in 2020 when she's up for reelection". Just yesterday she said she didn't know if everything in the letter was true. "How can you be sure the party that she is talking about is not the party that you are talking about?"

"God and Man at Georgetown Prep" and another Judge memoir, "Wasted: Tales of GenX Drunk", were both featured in a Washington Post article Tuesday looking at Judge's writing in light of Ford's allegation.

"I have serious reservations regarding the questionable timing and handling of this last-minute allegation", Hyde-Smith said in a statement.

New York Democratic Sen.

"I wouldn't impugn any bad motives to her", the Iowa Republican told local media outlets Wednesday, basing his view on knowing the California Democrat at a "very personal" level for some time.

To the people being willfully obtuse about the situation, THESE ARE THE THINGS the F.B.I. can investigate, if Donald Trump orders them to.

Republicans are resisting all Democratic efforts to slow and perhaps block what once seemed a smooth path to confirmation that would promote the conservative appeals court judge by the October 1 opening of the Supreme Court's new term.

Ford has alleged that the Supreme Court nominee sexually assaulted her 36 years ago when the two were in high school, although she has not specified a date or place during which the incident may have occurred. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., faced criticism from fact checkers for tweeting out a video of Kavanaugh appearing to describe some contraceptives as "abortion-inducing drugs" at his hearing.

The remarks by McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, seemed aimed at signalling that while Ford will be given her opportunity to detail her allegations under oath, party leaders - certainly for now - were not easing off their support of Trump's nominee.