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President Clinton joined a long list of speakers and performers, like Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande, who honored the late Aretha Franklin at her funeral in Detroit on August 31. "She had the voice of generation, maybe the voice of a century". And while no one could claim Hill's rendition of "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" (which Hill has performed many times before) wasn't passionate and honest, it seemed nerves got the better of her Friday.

Floral arrangements from such singers as Barbra Streisand and Tony Bennett and from the family of Otis Redding, whose "Respect" Franklin transformed and made her signature song, were set up in a hallway outside the sanctuary.

"I figured out I think that the secret of her greatness was she took this massive talent, and this flawless culture that raised her, and chose to be the composer of her own life song", Clinton said.

In 1980, Franklin performed for Queen Elizabeth II at Royal Albert Hall in London.

A clueless pastor joked that he thought Ariana Grande was a Taco Bell menu item following her stunning performance at Aretha Franklin's funeral on Friday.

He ended his time by playing Franklin's "Think" on his iPhone into the mic.

When asked about the President back in 1994, she described Clinton as "very down to earth, very decent", adding he was "someone who is really trying to pull it off, to get a true democracy". "It's the key to freedom", he said.

Family members surrounded the Franklin's gold casket as it closed, marking the formal start of her funeral. No, she used to perform for you. Her music, he said, "captured some of our deepest human desires, namely affection and respect". For three days she lay in a golden, open-casket, wearing a different outfit each day - red on Tuesday, blue on Wednesday, rose gold on Thursday and a golden sparkling dress for her funeral on Friday. Pink Cadillacs filled the street outside the church, a reference to a Franklin hit from the 1980s, "Freeway of Love".

Her coffin is to be entombed on Friday in Detroit's Woodlawn Cemetery near the remains of her father; her brother, Cecil Franklin; and her sisters, Carolyn and Erma Franklin.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old's choice of funeral attire drew criticism on social media for being a bit too revealing for church.