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A lone hot-dog stand was all the buzz in Times Square on Tuesday when thousands of bees swarmed the cart, stopping traffic and attracting a large crowd of onlookers.

When bees aren't interrupting baseball games in Arizona, they are apparently taking in the sights at Times Square in NY.

Decked out in mesh-hooded hat, jeans and a heavy jacket, he used a special bee vacuum cleaner thing to suck up the little buzzers.

The New York City Beekeeper's Association advises residents to make sure to place hives in the correct places, advising quiet areas not directly against a neighboring property for them unless there's a solid fence or dense plant barrier between the two properties. "And I'm allergic to bees, so I want to see it, but keep my distance away from it".

The NYPD said "no tourist was harmed and no bee was left behind" in a tweet. "It's scary. What's it doing in the middle of town?"

It took the man about 20 minutes to vacuum up the bees.

Second-beekeeper-in-command, Officer Michael Lauriano, responded to the scene in full protective gear, including a netted bee helmet.

"They are [now] at an undisclosed location".

Detective Mason said no one was injured in the incident.

People react to a swarm of bees in Times Square in New York City, U.S., August 28, 2018.