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President Donald Trump accused Google of only showing "left-wing media" in its search results on Tuesday morning, adding that the stories that come up for "Trump news" were all negative stories about him.

Trump's accusations, in which he once again takes aim at a huge tech company (breathe easy for a day, Amazon), were serious enough that he promised an investigation into the "RIGGED" results for searches of "Trump News", which returned mostly stories from the "Fake News Media". Fake CNN is prominent.

Trump also stated that 96% of Google News results for "Trump" were from leftwing outlets, which he described as "very dangerous".

Likewise, there is no evidence whatsoever that Google is deliberately suppressing pro-Trump content. Every year, we issue hundreds of improvements to our algorithms to ensure they surface high-quality content in response to users' queries.

President Trump on Tuesday vowed to look into Google's alleged bias against conservative media, writing on Twitter that it's a "very serious situation" and "will be addressed". Otherwise, with some exceptions like The Daily Mail and the New York Post, the list of organizations on the right is mostly populated by small outlets that do little original reporting, and even by outright conspiratorial sites like InfoWars and The New American, a site run by the fringe John Birch Society.

"We'll let you know", Kudlow said.

National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow responded to a question on whether there needs to be regulation for Google by saying, "We're taking a look at it". Now, Mr. Trump's attention has turned to Google and its search technology.

During the interview, the two accused Google of "tyranny" and "political lynching" for not showing a larger number of articles favorable to Trump. Today, Google Search is much more complex, utilizing complex machine-learning functions like RankBrain and an evolving set of algorithms with names like Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin and Pigeon.

Trump has made similar complaints recently, but he targeted Google on Tuesday. In an August 20 interview with Reuters, Trump referenced the recent decisions by Facebook and Apple News to remove conspiracy peddler Alex Jones from the platforms, calling the choice "really risky".

However various studies suggest conservatives are thriving on social media.

Soon, it will be Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey's turn.

The president - who has waged war against anything he believes is "fake news" and has branded the press "the enemy of the people" - claimed the search engine specialist was deliberately suppressing the voice of Conservative Amerca.