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"You will at times be expected to trap or handle a feral or non-sociable cat ... so cat whispering skills should come natural to you".

The job advertisement, posted on the animal charity's Facebook page, reads: "PAID JOB OFFER WITH CATS!"

File picture - A cat with burns tries to drink water outside a fire damaged house in Rafina, Attica, Greece, 26 July 2018, following a deadly forest fire.

Cats are shown at sunset on the island of Syros, in Greece, at God's Little People Cat Rescue on January 30, 2018.

According to a job description, Joan Bowell posted on the Facebook page for God's Little People Cat Rescue, the ideal employee is someone who is "a genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats, and would love their company".

You will also be required to take ill cats to the vet, so will need to be able to drive a manual vehicle.

The successful applicant will live for free in a "semi-detached modern tiny house with its own garden" with a view of the Aegean Sea, and receive a salary of around €600 (S$940) a month, according to The Telegraph.

They say: "From experience the job is most suitable for someone who is responsible, reliable, honest, practically inclined - and really, with a heart of gold!"

The job is longterm and you'll need to commit to at least six months, starting in October with a two to four week trial with free accommodation.

At first the couple just tried to find homes for stray cats, but in the following years (having raised money through donations) they have been backing a sterilisation project, funded dental operations and nursed motherless kittens.

Now, their little island sanctuary is home to around 55 cats, but the number can go up to 70.

Bowell says she's had thousands of applicants already, and that she'll start conducting interviews at the end of August.

But now the couple are returning to NY where Bowell's husband has work commitments with the United Nations, according to The Telegraph.

Mr Bowell said that applications which ask about the sanctuary's background and philosophy catch his eye more.