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NYCHA explains that the move comes in accordance with an order from the U.S. Department of Housing and Development, mandating that public housing nationwide must eliminate indoor smoking by July 30th.

The ban was first announced back in November 2016, but housing agencies had until July 31, 2018 to enact the ban. "In addition to protecting residents and employees from secondhand smoke, smoke-free policies create healthy environments that encourage people who smoke to quit or attempt to reduce smoking".

The ban includes cigarettes, pipes, cigars and water pipe tobacco (hookahs). Rhonda White, vice president of the Van Dyke Resident Association, speaking in a promotional video, said 25 feet from her building is "basically in the middle of the street". In South Dakota, nearly 3000 people live in public housing, but the rule is nothing new in KOTA Territory.

According to HUD, housing authorities will save up to $38 million a year in reduced maintenance and reduce the fire risk by $38 million.

"We applaud HUD for also including waterpipe/hookah tobacco in its smoke-free policy", the group said in a statement.

"Smoking actually damages the units, whether it's the paint or the cabinets", he said.

Alachua County Housing Authority's began this past January.

"We had to talk about the fact that this is a federally subsidized public property funded by tax dollars to a great extent", Lewis said.

"I think this will be one of the hardest rules to follow", Perry Rumnit, Jr., a NYCHA resident, says in a promotional video for the policy.