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On Friday, North Korea returned the suspected remains of more than 50 United States soldiers killed during the Korean War, taking a step in implementing the June agreement.

It's not clear that North Korea has moved on to a new era of being extra deceptive ... because the current levels of deceptions seem to have been serving it well.

Dozens of American, South Korean and other soldiers and officials from United Nations countries that fought in the Korean War conducted a ceremony with full military honors before the remains were loaded into military transport aircraft for the flight to Hawaii on Wednesday.

The North Koreans aren't puttering around with new missiles for their health.

The identification process does not prove the bones belong to one person, but rather that they could not belong to anybody else, Cole said. "But then they'll say, 'The next ones, we need to find them, locate them, restore them.' And then they'll start charging".

"It is Kim doing exactly what he said he was going to do". And it is foolish to expect that they would do so - at the outset of talks, he said. There's a whole lot of us.

He said he also appreciated Indonesia's ongoing support for peace efforts on the Korean Peninsula.

"As the son of a Korean War combat veteran, it is deeply humbling to be part of this historic moment", Pence said.

Several U.S. officials and private analysts said the continued activity inside North Korea's weapons complex is not surprising, given that Kim made no public promise at the summit to halt work at the scores of nuclear and missiles facilities scattered around the country.

"Work on the new missile likely began after the summit", one source told The Diplomat, referring to the June 12 meeting between U.S. President Donald J. Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in Singapore.

The lack of progress has been a source of concern for many observers, especially as global sanctions are beginning to ease and news reports indicate that North Korea is continuing its nuclear and ballistic programs.

On multiple occasions in the past, North Korean officials claimed the government possessed as many as 200 sets of American remains that had been recovered over the years, the accounting agency said.

The Games' opening ceremony is August 18, which leaves Kim, who has launched a series of diplomatic engagements in 2018, only a few weeks to decide whether to attend the event that will bring the teams of North and South Korea together.

The Pentagon estimates that of the approximately 7,700 U.S. MIAs from the Korean War, about 5,300 are unaccounted for on North Korean soil. "There's no reason at this point to doubt that they do relate to Korean War losses".

China has so far avoided publicly conflating the disputes over trade and North Korea. In addition, a series of U.S.

How long will it take to identify the remains?

While North Korea honored its promise to return the remains of fallen US soldiers during the Korean War, there have been troubling reports that Pyongyang will never truly disarm.

Vipin Narang, a North Korea expert and professor of global relations at MIT, noted that this was also clear from the Kim-Trump summit. The official, who discussed previously undisclosed aspects of the remains issue on condition of anonymity, also said North Korea provided a single military dog tag along with the remains. It's not clear whether negotiations for such an arrangement are under way.

The 55 boxes, draped in the blue and white flag of the United Nations, are each small enough to be carried in one person's arms. His family was left to wonder about his fate.