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Actor Ving Rhames said he was held at gunpoint by police at his own Santa Monica home two years ago when he was mistaken by neighbors for a robber.

"I am sure you hear about all the reports of Black men being attacked by police", Clay Cane said to Rhames. "Just because someone called and said a large black man is breaking in, when I opened up the wooden door a 9mm is pointed at me". They say put up your hands, literally.

"I had a situation, I live in Brentwood, and I have another house in Santa Monica, California", Rhames recalled. "My hands are up and they have me outside". After clearing things up, Rhames said he and a few officers walked to the neighbor's house to ask them about the situation, only to be met with complete denial from the neighbor. When confronted by Rhames, the neighbor denied placing such a call.

The popular actor, who lives in Santa Monica, Calif., told the story after being asked about his own experiences with racism. "They said, 'A woman called 911 and said a large black man was breaking into the house'". Upon closer inspection, one of the cops suddenly recognizes him, but not for his role in Mission Impossible or Pulp Fiction, but as a fellow parent of a player on the local high school basketball team. This is the God's honest truth, ' he said. It also includes franchise veteran Ving Rhames, who has starred alongside Cruise as the hacker extraordinaire Luther Stickell in every single film. "What if it was my son and he had a video game remote or something, and you thought it was a gun", he explained.

"On July 29, 2016 at about 1:52 p.m., Santa Monica Public Safety Dispatch received several calls from residents of a possible residential burglary in the 800 block of 23rd Street in Santa Monica", the statement reads. "Just like. Trayvon has a bag of Skittles", Rhames said, referring to Travyon Martin, the teenager who was killed by a neighborhood patrol watchman in Florida in 2012.

When he opened his front door, he was greeted by a gun pointed at his face.

Rhames' answer proves, despite his stardom, he still deals with the reality of being a black man in America.