KXIP vs KKR Live Score

The MLB All-Star Game will take place Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

His epic showing on Monday night could just be the kindling that sets their second-half ablaze.

The most thrilling first-round match featured a near buzzer-beater by Houston's Alex Bregman, who fell to Schwarber 16-15.

Harper hit 45 home runs en route to winning the trophy.

Four future Hall-of-Famers were in the field of 10 competitors in the first edition of the derby, held in the mid-80s at the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis. However, Schwarber hit a hot streak and edged him out with time to spare.

Harper crushed nine home runs in ten swings-I'll say that again: nine home runs in ten swings-in his final minute, to tie Schwarber. Hoskins opened up the matchup by slugging an impressive 20 home runs, but Schwarber was up to the challenge.

The first round started out with a bang, as Hoskins hit 17 out of the park and defeating Aguilar, who had only 12.

Much of the night felt like a send-off from Harper to the Nationals fans.

Harper joins Ryne Sandberg and Todd Frazier as the only players to win the Home Run Derby at their home ballparks. Harper did just that and then walked-off with a home run during his 30-second bonus round.

Because we live in a world overwhelmed by a surprising amount of free time, there is already a Change.org petition to have Harper's victory taken away.

Overall, Schwarber hit 55 home runs on the night, launching several of those over 440 feet. He trailed Max Muncy of the Dodgers 12-4 with 2:20 left, then peeled off six homers in 47 seconds before calling a timeout.