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"What a joy I've had". However, there's another implicit reference: Arya is crucially, not sharing a final scene or goodbye with Sansa Stark, as Sophie Turner wrapped filming a few weeks ago. In early July, there was a "Game of Thrones" wrap party for season eight in Belfast.

Our attention goes to the hashtag #lastwomanstanding, come on seriously Maisee?!

Williams' post confirms that she's done filming for Game of Thrones and that she's done playing Arya Stark, a role that put the actress on the map.

"In a series of hashtags, Maisie also added, "#LastWomanStanding". Could Arya be the only female character to survive the final epic battle?

The actress, who has portrayed the youngest Stark daughter, Arya, has been on a wild and bloody journey through Westeros since the series premiere in 2011, and it looks like her journey may just end in blood, too.

Since "Game of Thrones" gained popularity, Williams has had roles in TV and film, including "Doctor Who" and "The New Mutants". Among the hashtags she used was a #lastwomanstanding - don't worry, that's nearly certainly not a spoiler of any kind. Couple it with the bloody shoes and you've got the flawless recipe to keep rabid fans busy for however long it takes "Game of Thrones" to come back to our television sets and finally finish its epic story. But whether she truly will be the last woman standing will remain to be seen. Luckily, we have Maisie Williams' Instagram account.

Probably not. Right now, we can just assume that there is a lot of bloodshed at the hands of assassin Arya in "Game of Thrones" season eight.