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Now, he is a first-round pick in the National Basketball Association draft and if everything works out, he could be playing with LeBron James next season. He averaged 14.6 points and 7.1 rebounds during his junior year at MI, shooting 52.8 percent from the field and 39.4 percent from three-point range. The roster is in salary cap hell and the avenues for improvement are few, making a return to Cleveland an uninspiring choice.

Joining Paul and James Harden in Houston would be a good option for James, but there are substantial financial hurdles in the way, and there are rumors that James' family might not be comfortable in Houston.

The Michigan product, though, likes how the current Lakers are trying to play as fast as the Showtime Lakers did.

Unless, they can get other superstars to join the squad. If the Lakers wanted to, they could trot out a almost endless stream of Hall of Famers and celebrities to impress James with.

Even if Young ($13,764,045 player-option salary) opts in, the Pacers should be a major player in free agency.

The All-Star swingman, who grew up just outside Los Angeles, has been linked to a move out west for the past year.

Finally, Robinson was a five-star and McGary was just five spots away from being a five-star, so that the tandem only resided two years in college didn't come as a shock to anyone.

Moe Wagner would look good in purple and gold. Reports indicated Leonard wants to be traded to the Lakers this offseason.

With rumors of Paul George re-signing with the Thunder, a huge wrench may have been thrown into the Lakers plan. Ahead of Friday's deadline to declare himself a free agent, bet makers are shuffling their odds, the sports media is working itself into a lather, and anxious fans are reading the tea leaves of James' social media profiles.

"But if George does indeed stay, that would be widely considered a big blow to the Lakers' chances of landing James", Amick writes.

Throughout the past several weeks, Mykhailiuk has worked out with almost a dozen different teams, each time trying to prove to them and anyone watching that he is more than just a shooter. The bar is set incredibly high, but it's not at all out of reach.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - As the Los Angeles Lakers prepare for a potentially NBA-altering free agency, general manager Rob Pelinka fully understands that opposing teams will not be eager to help the Lakers build a potential super team. He said he considers another player of that generation, Kobe Bryant, to be the greatest Laker of all time.