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Corey Lewandowski tweeted on Wednesday that he "mocked a liberal who attempted to politicize children" after he appeared Tuesday on Fox News Channel to discuss President Trump's hard-line immigration policy.

During an appearance on Fox News Tuesday, Zac Petkanas, who used to be a senior adviser for the DNC, shared the story of the child to illustrate some of the inhumane treatment of families taking place at the southern border.

According to Petkanas, in one particularly heart-wrenching incident, a 10-year old girl who has Down's Syndrome was taken from her mother and confined to "a cage" recently at a border crossing, by immigration officials.

It went on from there, with Petkanas repeatedly wondering how Lewandowski could dare say something so despicable and with Lewandowski saying that when you commit a crime in this country, you forfeit your right to be with your family. Petkanas said, incredulously. "How dare you".

"Womp womp", President Donald Trump's former campaign manager said, a dismissive trombone-like sound effect. In the middle of his account, Lewandowski said "wah wah" sarcastically.

Lewandowski, who was sacked from the Trump campaign in 2016 but has since regained the president's support, stood firm on his stance Wednesday morning as criticism of his comments grew.

The story Petkanas was referring to involved a young girl with Down syndrome who was held in a detention facility away from her family in McAllen, Texas, despite her father being a legal U.S. resident. "It's pulling at all of our heartstrings", Smith said as she described the shelters to which babies and toddlers are being sent.

The host asked Lewandowski when he last spoke to Trump.

Fox News contributor and RNC spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany's proposal to help children incarcerated at the border was for Democrats to release more funding to make the holding facilities nicer. The American people owe an apology to those people.