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Almost 60 percent of Californians voted to remove Persky from office.

Both Dauber and Persky received threats during the campaign, anti-recall signs were vandalized and a lawyer for Dauber notified Cordell that she would be sued for defamation.

"You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice, until today", she said in a statement read in court before the June 2016 sentencing of Brock Turner. She added in reference to the victim that, "This victory is not just for Emily Doe, but for girls and women everywhere". Two graduates happened to see the assault taking place, and intervened, tackling Turner.

The campaign for the recall was led by Michele Dauber, the Frederick I. Richman Professor at the Stanford Law School, and a personal friend of the woman Turner attacked. Several rallies were held, and an estimated $1 million in campaign donations were raised. In response to the public outcry, the California legislature revised their penal code to require that judges must give those convicted of sexual assault actual prison time rather than probation or jail. MORE: Prosecution memo stresses Brock Turner had history of harassing women His side reportedly raised over $850,000, but part of that is in donated services. "It wouldn't take much for judges to basically be as tough as they can be".

In recent months, the campaign has divided lawyers, academics, feminists and criminal justice activists across the state, with critics of the recall push saying it would chill judicial independence.

With nearly all precincts reporting on Wednesday, close to 60 percent of voters cast a ballot to disrobe Judge Aaron Persky.

"If they don't go along with popular opinion. they can lose their jobs", Cordell said of state judges. Persky said he was unaware of complaints.

With 81 percent of the precincts reporting, 59.6 percent of voters said they wanted to oust judge Aaron Persky.

Persky, himself a former Stanford athlete, said at a news conference last month that when he ruled on Turner's term he had been bound by sentencing guidelines and probation department recommendations. But the judge said the publicity of Turner's arrest and trial and his loss of a swimming scholarship also factored into the sentence. He is on the sex-offenders register and has appealed against his conviction. "We recall", and knocked on enough doors to eventually gather 95,000 signatures for a petition to move up Persky's re-election bid from 2022 to 2018. KABC's sister station KGO-TV requested access for comment as the results came in, but no commitment were given. That could include Persky's successor, assistant district attorney Cindy Hendrickson, who won the election to fill the remaining four years of Persky's term. Persky ran for judge in 2002, losing narrowly to fellow prosecutor Ron Del Pozzo. Gov. The unseated judge would be removed at that point. "Many eyes are going to be on Santa Clara County as a model for how to respond to bias against women in the legal system". "But we found that a lot of the voters were educated".