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It's a amusing situation for people named Michael Rotondo after a 30-year-old man in Central New York with the same name went to court to try and stop his parents from evicting him from their home.

Michael Rotondo was sued by his parents who said that they had made several attempts to evict him from their home in Syracuse, in NY state.

Michael Rotondo waved to journalists as he drove away from the house in Camillus, New York state. The Post-Standard of Syracuse reports that Rotondo left 2 ½ hours before the noon deadline set by a judge last week.

Michael also wants to make it clear - he's a responsible gun owner and there should be no concern about him having a gun while he packs up and moves out.

Mr Rotondo told journalists gathered outside the family home on Friday morning that he had called law enforcement because his father would not let him retrieve his eight-year-old son's Lego from the basement.

His parents, Mark and Christina, issued him with a letter in February and one again a month later offering him $1,000 to leave and the offer of help finding a job, but their son refused. For now, Rotondo says he's "off to an Airbnb". The hatchback got a little help from some jumper cables, and Rotondo offered the members of the media gathered outside a tasteful honk of the horn before leaving the block. The Legos were found after police arrived.

His parents had said goodbye "more or less", he told reporters. That Rotondo, of Camillus, lost his case and finally moved out Friday after receiving a $3,000 donation from InfoWars radio host Alex Jones.

"There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you", they added in a note sent on 18 February. After that, he planned on moving in with a distant cousin. "I don't have to guess what's behind Door No. 1".

He gave an extensive interview to the Daily Mail about his 8-year-old son, claiming his problems with his parents stem from his attempts to regain custody rights to the boy.