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Krista Glover, 36, the wife of Lucas Glover, 38, was arrested on May 12 for suspicion of domestic violence and resisting arrest after officers from the St. John's County Sherriff's Department arrived at their home in Ponte Verde Beach, Florida, according to USA Today.

Krista Glover has been charged with the assault of her husband, PGA Tour golfer Lucas Glover.

According to the AP, "Glover and his wife were having an altercation after the third round of The Players Championship, where Glover shot 78".

He allegedly told officers that Conley Glover had been "drinking throughout the day", and that whenever he plays poorly, she calls him a "p-y" and a "loser". Hershey Glover also told the deputy she had been hit in the chest. ". She's locked herself in the room and attacked us".

Lucas' injuries occurred when he stepped between his wife and his mother. He then refused to give a written statement.

Cops also say Krista kicked the squad vehicle so hard, the door separated from the frame. During the transportation process, the report states Krista's handcuffs were loosened, and she attempted to flee.

Deputies said she resisted arrest and damaged a patrol auto before being taken to jail, Fox 30 reported.

After that, she began screaming and kicking the door of the patrol auto.

Saturday night, however, Lucas allegedly told deputies he was exhausted of all the altercations with his wife and couldn't take it anymore. "Lucas advised Krista to stop the argument, while in front of the kids".

Following her arrest, Krista's cuffs were loosened after a complaint and she became unsecured in the auto but was re-cuffed.

Krista also allegedly threatened to leave him with their children and that he would "never see their kids again", the report said. She was charged with domestic battery and resisting arrest after she refused to get into the back seat of a squad vehicle.

Lucas, the report says, told deputies his wife gets violent every time he doesn't play well in a major PGA tournament. Neither party pressed formal charges against her. She was released on $3,600 bond yesterday.

The call ends with Krista Glover back on the line as the dispatcher continues asking her questions.

"On May 12, my wife and mother were involved in an argument to which the police were called. We thank you for respecting our privacy as we work through this unfortunate situation". Lucas's mother remarried Jim Glover, and that is the man that Jim only recognizes as his true father. He and Krista live in Jupiter and were married in 2012.

The three-time victor on the PGA Tour told officers that his wife had been drinking.

After the arrest, the golfer posted a message to Twitter telling fans that there was an altercation and asking for privacy on the matter.