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James also became the first player in National Basketball Association history to hit multiple buzzer beating game winners in the same post-season.

Tactical nomenclature is probably irrelevant to the Cavaliers right now. He once talked about Jordan as "this ghost I'm chasing", but there are many ways to run after a ghost.

LeBron James has continued to entertain us time and time again.

With the Celtics starting their Eastern Conference Finals series on Sunday against the Cavs, NBATV shared this awesome old photograph of a young Tatum meeting LeBron. This is the way things have been for him these last magical weeks. The Cleveland Cavaliers just finished a tiring first round series win against the Indiana Pacers.

Here are some stats, numbers, figures, and information about LeBron (and the Cavs). On top of that, Jordan averaged more points per game in his career than LeBron as Jordan averaged 30.1 points per game. He made 37 points to win the 2013 finals, according to HuffPost. Even if Cleveland finishes a sweep of Toronto in Monday's Game 4 and goes on to beat Boston in the conference finals, there seems little chance he can defeat Golden State or Houston by himself.

The 33-year-old small forward also has three National Basketball Association championships under his belt.

Numerous Lakers fans would certainly prefer that way, but still, there are those who'd rather stay the course and develop the team's young talent of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma and Julius Randle with the hopes of these players would become the stars the team hopes them to be.

"People from the outside probably didn't expect much from us". And I remember saying, 'Oh this is not good. First time. Ever. For LeBron James. Okay, great. Now can you do it for a month, can you do it for a year, now do it for a decade, do it for a decade plus. Should the most hard shot be crowned as his best? With 43 points and 14 assists, LeBron accounted for 77 of his team's 128 points, all while shooting 67.9 percent from the field and committing only one turnover. Ironically, we were in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, watching a handful of draft prospects at an open showcase.

It was only in Game Three that he didn't achieve that-but only because James elected to attack the basket more in the face of Toronto's terrific bid to stop a third straight loss from happening; it was in vain. I'm always asked to compare him to LeBron, and I try to make the best of it.