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In response, Scarborough discounted their intelligence, saying, "They're not that smart", and cited how Trump thought Giuliani drank too much and fell asleep during meetings. He's following the Trump playbook: Confuse, distract, provoke and flood the zone with factoids and truthiness until nobody can be sure what's real and what's not.

Since joining Trump's legal team last month and becoming its public face, Giuliani has raised eyebrows for a series of startling assertions not only about his legal strategy and the special counsel investigation, but also about global affairs and Trump's policies.

He's just messing with us with the bit about getting things straightened out. "I know the Justice Department better than just about anyone".

Trump was reportedly upset at Giuliani and Fox News host Sean Hannity following an interview last week in which Giuliani explained that Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen, had "funneled through a law firm" the $130,000. "This massive tiny payment was chump change that made her rich", he added. Cohen had previously said Trump did not reimburse him, and Trump had denied knowing about the payment.

And, no campaign finance laws were broken, "because Trump was going to pay Stormy Daniels, or not, regardless of the election", Kosta said.

Giuliani's comments - that Trump paid lawyer Michael Cohen back for the big Daniels payday - set off a firestorm that hasn't cooled.

Oops. That means the payment to Daniels, which Cohen says he made with funds from his home equity line of credit, could be construed as an unreported and probably illegal campaign contribution, since its objective was to help Trump win the election. The president called Giuliani a "great guy" who "really has his heart in" handling Trump's legal work, adding that the former USA attorney was just "learning the subject matter". And they know this exposes him to perjury charges. "I think it is obvious to the American people that this is a cover up, that they are making it up as they go along, they don't know what to say because they've lost track of the truth", said the attorney for Daniels. And Giuliani says there might be other women who also received hush money, but then again maybe not. "I think he's very comfortable now that someone is doing that for him".