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With the help of Continued Conversations, The assistant will keep listening to you for eight seconds and you can ask it any follow up questions that you may have. It will also encourage kids to be polite by thanking them when they say please, similar to a feature Amazon is bringing to its Alexa voice assistant. You will be able to take quick action within the Google Assistant, Google Search Results and other Google based services instantly. It will also get Google Assistant integration later this year.

That update was the first clear indication that Google wanted the app to become more interactive when being used.

In the first clip, the Google Assistant called a hair salon to book an appointment for a client.

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"Because we put farfield microphones into it, you don't even need to pick up the remote control", said Sascha Prueter, director of Google's Android TV project, though the soundbar does ship with one.

It's genuinely impressive, and for somebody like me who hates having to call people on the electric telephone, this could be life-changing.

Google has separately also announced a new Android TV dongle intended for developers at I/O this year. All you need to do is open Google Assistant and swipe up. At the same time, input methods are also evolving and while Google didn't say so today, it appears the team is looking at how it can support features like a touchpad in the vehicle. If you were not able to watch the event yesterday, don't worry because Edgy Labs got that covered for you.

Scott Huffman, vice president of engineering, Google Assistant, speaks on stage during the annual Google I/O developers conference in Mountain View, California, May 8, 2018.

"Today we're rolling out an all new Google News, which uses the best of artificial intelligence to find the best of human intelligence", Google said in a blog post.

A machine learning based Android P will come with an Adaptive Brightness feature where your smartphone will learn how often you change your screen brightness based on your surroundings.

App Actions also assists in one's Google searches. With this feature, Assistant will be able to understand complex queries like "What's the weather like in NY and in Austin?" more easily. On the Home page, you would see how much time did you have spend on the apps.

Later this summer, Google Assistant will be coming to Google Maps. The Android TV team told Android Police that it is working with partners to develop solutions that will provide a more consistent update solution for consumers in the future.