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At the top you'll see the latest news on the story, then as you scroll down you'll see local news reactions, background and also answers to some of the most Google questions around the topic. It says that the new Google News uses "the best of artificial intelligence to find the best of human intelligence". It will soon be a mix of one of the most important headlines, local information, and the most recent improvements about the topics you are interested in. It is one of the company's major refresh mode which aims to bring features from YouTube and Play Newsstand magazine app to modernize the product.

For those paid subscriptions, Google will make sure you can access those stories and content off its app and platform out on the web. With so many people relying upon Google for their news these days, Pichai made a point of emphasizing that Google has a responsibility to provide accurate and pertinent information to users.

Full Coverage will also include a timeline of events, so you can get a sense of the history of what's being reported. Select the publisher offer you'd like to buy, click "Subscribe", and you're done.

Keeping up with the news is a big part of our day, and since its inception almost two decades ago, Google News has been a place for anyone to find what they're looking for.

Reading an article in the new Google News app.

Rather than having to go through a tiresome sign up process, you can simply tap "Subscribe" on the magazine or news organisation and you'll be billed through your Google Play account. This feature is a preview of a story that brings in quotes, images, videos, tweets, and more in a carousel view that can easily be swiped through. More often than not now, news comes in many forms, and Newscasts brings together all the different types of media through which stories get told. Using the example of the power outage affecting Puerto Rico, Full Coverage is able to contextualise a story into a single stream of content.

Finally, there's the "Full Coverage" feature that uses AI to present users with information about people, places, and events that are part of a given story. The all-new Google News rolling out starting today and will be available to everyone on Android, iOS and the Web in 127 countries by next week.