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Remarks have been edited for clarity and brevity. "I'm like Saudi Arabia", Tully says "I have an energy surplus". But something else occurs, gradually: She realizes that Tully epitomizes the 20-something zest she still yearns for ― the halcyon days when she ambled through Bed-Stuy, socialized at all hours, flitted from one half-commitment to the next, embraced the potential toxicity of over-invested friendships.

Davis: And so I snuck through the grapevine.

"There was no moment where I sat down and thought, 'Well, maybe this is for Hulu, '" Cody told Business Insider. The throughline from "The Graduate" to "Garden State" persists in countless movies ― so much so that, in "Young Adult", Mavis tells an old classmate of inferior social stature (Patton Oswalt), "But love conquers all". And the role is so lovely. The hope is to attract audiences that aren't into the MCU and other blockbusters in the weeks to come and are looking for something with a little more real-world substance. "I used it as a form of therapy-fantasizing about what it might be like if somebody could magically appear and take care of me". And we make fun of that in the movie. This is a welcomed new addition seeing as Marlo's relationship with her husband Drew (Ron Livingston) has stalled. Mavis and Marlo struggle in different ways to compartmentalize the loneliness they suffer and the exasperation brought on by the circumstances of their grownup lives, which snuck up like bandits in the night, pilfering their girlish insouciance. "So I'm taking this as an opportunity to show another side of things".

Theron: Sometimes you're super grateful when you get that. There was the dour internet-parable of teenagers and parents "Men, Women and Children", and the preposterous and over-baked melodrama "Labor Day", about a despairing single mom (Kate Winslet) who finds renewal from a pie-making escaped convict (Josh Brolin).

"I had just finished Atomic Blonde, and I was so ready to rock a bikini that summer".

Cody admitted she didn't give that much thought when writing the script for "Tully", but realized the gamble.

Theron: And that's wrong. "I was kind of under a lot of professional pressure at the time, too".

Davis: It's putting your money where your mouth is. Will anything change? You decide.

She adds that Reitman would just position her on set where he wanted her, and "I was just [Marlo]. But for some reason, I just was not myself after having [my son]". I can't do it.

Q. You've been producing now for 15-some years, what do you like about it? Initially, Marlo resents the hell out of this gesture, which she views as a slur on her motherhood, so she shuns the gift and tries to go it alone. "My body looks like a relief map for a war-torn country", she later says when asked about her dormant sex life. You put yourself out there and the film ends up being something that was never agreed on. "I couldn't leave this character because my body was just dictating where my mind was and how my moods were". And then it changed.

Cody felt similarly insecure after she became a mother: "I am a (lousy) cook; I'm not good at the day-to-day domestic work of parenting", she admits. I love that we're in a position where we can make things that might not be able to get made and also, you know, hire people who might not get hired.