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The new, lower-cost iPhone will use an LCD display that's about half the cost of the OLED screen in the iPhone X. It's also likely to use an aluminum casing versus stainless steel.

American company Apple is going to produce 8 million iPhones X in the second quarter of this year.

Popular and uncannily reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has issued a rather grave prediction for the iPhone series of 2018. It's a complex technology made of specialized sensors integrated into the iPhone's display that determines how hard a user is pressing.

The primary focus on the latest sofware update is to fix an issue where touch input wouldn't work on the iPhone 8 that were serviced with "non-geniune replacement displays". That would be the new iPhone X and iPhone X Plus.

But there's a downside. And it looks like the entry-level iPhone X2 will drop the 3D Touch feature to minimize the cost of display manufacturing. But what we know is, the addition of it will raise the cost of the production of the iPhone display from $23 to $26 (15% increase). One of these upcoming variants will be the 6.1-inch iPhone model that will use the same features of the iPhone 8 and the current iPhone X flagship. Starting in 2019, Apple could remove the feature from all iPhone models, according to Kuo.

3D Touch was first introduced in the iPhone 6S in 2015 after five years in development.

Your Opinion On The Removal Of 3D Touch On iPhones?

However, the new iPhone will not receive the support of face recognition technology and 3D touch technology.

In the leadup to the iPhone X reveal previous year, analysts were visibly salivating at the prospect of an iPhone upgrade "supercycle", a tidal wave of profitability that would sweep Apple stocks to never-before-seen heights and truly enthrone Apple as the king of all smartphone makers. This would then lead to the feature being left out of all its iPhones. So you think there will be an effect on Apple's secrecy now that Kuo is no liner with KGI?

It seems like the 3D Touch idea didn't quite fall into place.