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Protests after the discovery of alleged extremely racist, homophobic, sexist, anti-Semitic, and otherwise offensive video content forced the fraternity suspension.

According to Chancellor Syverud's statement, the university's Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities suspended the engineering fraternity, which effectively brought all of its activities to a halt. We recently learned that a member of the Le Moyne community was involved with this fraternity.

According to the Daily Orange, Theta Tau is the fourth fraternity to get suspended during the 2017-18 academic school year.

The controversy in Syracuse erupted a day after California Polytechnic State University suspended all fraternities and sororities after photos surfaced showing fraternity members in blackface.

An extremely disturbing video has emerged from Syracuse University's Theta Tau fraternity, which has started a firestorm of controversy on campus.

Syracuse University chose to suspend one of its fraternities after a video of Theta Tau surfaced, showing members of the frat exhibiting "extremely racist" and homophobic behavior, according to ABC.

The videos were shared by Syracuse's independent student newspaper, The Daily Orange, after they had been posted in a secret Facebook group, called 'Tau of Theta Tau'.

As long as these youths are enrolled as members of the university's student body, I'm ashamed to call myself a Syracuse alumna.

In another video, a person using anti-Semitic slurs shouts at two others as the rest of the people present laugh, according to The Daily Orange.

The video saw Syracuse suspend the Theta Tau chapter, with the NY state university's Chancellor Kent Syverud condemn it in a campus-wide email. Syverud said that he found the rhetoric appalling and that he was "shaken" and "deeply concerned" for the entire community.

Student publication The Daily Orange obtained the video and posted it with the story on its website.

We are aware of the video that was released showing members of the Theta Tau chapter at Syracuse University. He added that SU's Department of Public Safety is investigating the incident to identify the students involved, and to take additional legal and disciplinary action.

"Theta Tau will fulfill the role that we would have expected of the university", he says, "we will educate them".