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While Coon's role might seems small by comparison, we already know that her leader, Thanos, is getting the majority of the screen time.

Downey Jr, 53, added that Avengers: Infinity War could well be the biggest superhero film yet. "All the actors were given fake scripts... very few people have seen the actual film itself", says Joe Russo, confirming that only a lucky few have seen the final, finished product. Only around twenty minutes of footage has been shown for various press events and the film's various stars have all admitted that they have never seen either the full script or a full real script. Paul Bettany, who plays Vision, even told Hey U Guys at the United Kingdom screening of the footage that there were even fake scenes with some of the twists not ending up being real.

Proxima Midnight is the only female member of the Black Order - and wields a great deal of power. Irish actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor voices the CGI Ebony Maw (a manipulative psychic alien), while Terry Notary (Avatar, Planet of the Apes) provides a motion capture performance for the hulking Cull Obsidian, known in the comics as Black Dwarf. Another interesting tidbit from her original Marvel Comics storyline: she's married to another Black Order henchman, Corvus Glaive. More on him a little bit later. The Time Stone is now in Doctor Strange's possession, and trailers have suggested that he'll be matching wits with another member of the Black Order, Ebony Maw (as he did in the comics!).

Okay, we don't have any idea how big or small the reference will be, or if it will have anything to do with the episodes of the show they directed, but we're going to let our imaginations run wild until we see it. He's the one who was presumably giving Doctor Strange the shush treatment in the last trailer.

Black Panther technically had two post-credits scenes, but the one we're focusing on here involves Sebastian Stan's character Bucky, who previously went by the scary nickname The Winter Solider but now has the more friendly-sounding monicker, White Wolf. You can check out the rest of the interview with the Russo Brothers over at Yahoo Movies. On that day, a new actor would be cast to play the newly iconic role. This is hard to imagine when you consider the Avengers: Infinity War still hasn't released in theatres.